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Toxic Dangerous Trash on Oregon’s Beach 2009

YES! we found a HUGE and heavy tin of black paint!!
We also saw a rusty metal box spring…rusty springs had even begun to come off and hide in the sand…waiting to hurt someone.
However, it was so big and rusty that we could not have possibly transported it to the van, and to the RIGHT disposal site, so it is still there…
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King Corn Sequel trailer

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Very Old Stuffing

In the late 1800’s-early 1900’s, Ellensburg was a thriving and bustling town in the new state of Washington!
There were many prominent citizens…like my Uncle Jerry and Aunt Rhett Vanderbilt…who made this land prosperous.
One reason was the adherance to basic moral principles…which some towns out west had not.
Among the many churches was the Presbyterian one, whose ladies…inluding Hennrietta…were eager to raise money towards the good done.
Such a fundraiser was selling the Presbyterian Aid Ellensburg Cook Book…a compilation of various recipes from the town’s Presbyterian ladies…some likely handed down for several generations…and also had various advertisements from Jell-o and Baker’s chocolates…to name a few.
Many of the donated recipes show that the residents had lived in other regions previously, as they are quite diverse and use many expensive ingredients for the day!
There is one for the most delicious and unique stuffing I have ever tried…
We make it every Thanksgiving now!
Here are photographs of the delightful recipe!
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If Brian can, so can you!

Question: Why do the elected officials of Washington who are Democrats not see that there is not enough funding (ie. nobody is working so there is no taxes coming in to fund) to pay off the “largest public works project in our region’s history?”

Like Congressman Baird said, it’s the math…

There are remedial math classes…perhaps Washington’s elected Democrats are “special!”

That would explain EVERYTHING!


Think about it this way…

Imagine Brian, Christine, both Jim’s, Craig, and other Washington elected-Democrats in our state are students, listening and learning in the classroom of life.

As a good teacher, and Republican, you try to explain to these special and dear students that 1-1=0.

Then they say, “Yes, we can!”

“What are you talking about?”you ask.

“We can build a bridge that is pretty and big and has lots of trolls!” says Jimmy #1, who is wiggling a molar.

“You mean TOLLS, dear,” you kindly correct as you pull his fingers down out of his mouth.

“That’s what I said. We can afford it, teacher!” Jimmy #1 says back.

“No, I am afraid that is not possible, honey. Your dad just got laid off his job at Ford, and your mom said Penney’s has cut her hours. There is just not enough money out there to build a big pretty bridge right now. Do the math, class!” you show them a blank wide-ruled paper and point with a pencil to begin.

“I DID the math! Like you taught us…zero means nothing!” blurts out Craig, who is proud of his new pencil.

“That’s right! Class, listen…zero means nothing!” you say with joy, hoping that you got through…finally.

“That’s what I said! So we can build the big pretty troll bridge!” interrupts Craig with matter-of-factness.

“Sweetheart, I don’t understand. You said you understand that 1-1=zero, one $ -one$=no dollars, a loss of jobs=a loss of income=a loss of city and state and federal revenue, because there less taxes incoming. How can you say that Vancouver’s small population can afford a $4.2 Billion bridge project now?” you ask him, as you bend down to speak with him at his level.

“Oh! It is only 4.2 balloons that it costs, and I am sure my mommy and daddy can afford that! They got me a balloon at the Rose Festival last summer!” he responds with a fold of the arms.

“No, dear, it isn’t 4.2 BALLOONS, it is 4.2 BILLION…as in DOLLARS. Your mom and dad, and as a matter of fact class, none of your moms or dads can afford to buy you this bridge. Not even mine! Let me see if I can explain it in a more simple way…4.2 billion dollars looks like this…” you say as you begin to write on the chalkboard. “$4,200,000,000.00…that is a lot of zeros, huh class!” you say.

“Yes…that is what I said. We can easily afford it, teacher!” announces Craig as he leans back on his chair, nearly falling over and bumping Christine’s desk.

She pushes Craig back upright, and you go towards them to make sure she doesn’t hurt him.

“I just don’t understand, class. Why do you think $4,200,000,000.00 is affordable?” you ask earnestly and patiently.

“It is like you said, teacher! There are a lot of zeros…and zero means nothing! 1-1=0, so it will only cost Vancouver’s mommies and daddies $42!” said Christine, whose mom was a big horror movie fan.

(Silence.) They smile with big gleaming eyes, and nod their heads.J

“Jimmy Jacks, you are new to the class.  Don’t be shy. Tell me if you think that this big pretty bridge can easily be paid for by just Vancouver’s families,” you say as you turn towards the back of the classroom.

(The other Democrats have been in the class for years, and they treat him as a “newbie.”)

“No, I think it will need fetal and estate help too!” said Jimmy J., who loved to listen and learn.

“You mean FEDERAL and STATE, dear. Very good! But, sweetheart, every family, in the State of Washington and all over of the entire United States of America, is having the same problem with mommies and daddies being laid off work. So how do you think that a big pretty bridge in Vancouver can be bought if the people of Washington don’t have enough income to pay taxes?” you softly say as you smile at his big shiny face with freckles.

With childish delight, Jimmy Jacks leans forward, his eyes wide with excitement as he proudly exclaims, “the FAERIE-TAX! Seattle has FAERIES that will pay for the troll bridge, so we don’t have to worry about it! See? It will all be paid for by fairies!”

(Silence.) They all smile with big gleaming eyes, and nod their heads in agreement.

Just then bell rings, the Democrats run out to meet their press, and you go to get consolation from the other Republican special-needs teachers. They pat you on the back and tell you that nobody has ever been able to teach a Democrat economics…or how to do math, for that matter.

You still are an optimist, and go home praying that God will help you reach just one child…one day.

The whole night, Big B was silent. That was not normal for him, a six term student.

He didn’t speak to anyone at the press conference on the playground after school. He didn’t talk on the drive home. He didn’t go outside to play golf with his business buddies. He picked at his Chef Boyardee caviar and lobster dinner, brushed his teeth and went to bed.

The next morning he woke with a start. “I get it!”

He ran downstairs and grabbed his bag of Trix, and ran out the door.

Before the bell had even rung to begin a new school day, Big B ran in panting and trying to speak.

“Teach…er! Tea…cher!” Big B panted. “I know why we can’t build the big pretty bridge! I know why we can’t build the big pretty bridge!”

“Okay, class settle down! Brian has something to tell us,” you instruct as they take their seats. “What have you learned, Brian?”

“I learned nothing!” Big B exclaimed. “The 2008 draft Environmental Impact Statement didn’t show the math!”

(Stares from the class in silence.) The rest of the Democrats didn’t understand.

“Okay, Brian, tell us what you mean about the mathematics of 2008’s draft,”

“I didn’t invent mathematics,” said Big B, “but I try to listen to it.”

Jimmy J. nodded his head and smiled big. “Listen and learn!” he said proudly.

“And if the numbers aren’t there,” continued Big B, “the numbers aren’t there!”

“Very good, Brian!”  You applaud and awe at this breakthrough. “Did you learn something else you would like to share with the class?”

“Well…we may get $200 million…which has a lot of zeros in it…but I don’t believe the envisioned trolls are enough to = $1.35 billion in construction cost for the big pretty bridge,” Brian thoughtfully said, taking his time and looking out the window at the press at play.

“Do you think that your mommy and daddy can afford a higher toll, Brian?” you question him.

“Nooooh…” he slowly said, “the draft said there are 50 weeks in a year, and 5 days in a week, and that the trolls would take $1280 from the pockets of every parent who crossed twice a day. My parents have to buy a new digital TV by June, so they can’t afford to give that money all to the trolls .”

“Close enough,” you sigh.  “So what do you think the people of Vancouver should do about this awful ‘TROLL’ bridge, Brian?”

“Well…I think they should be able to discuss it with accurate cost-projections and benefits. The people of Vancouver should give their imput on tolling and other issues,” Brian said finally.

The rest of the class didn’t seem too interested. They just fiddled with their new designer i-Pencils that cost all their parents their arms and their legs. (Which was fine, because they now could get on SSI and get help from the other taxpayers.)

“That sounds very smart, Brian” you say with a hope of finally getting through to one Democrat. (“God really can do miracles!” you think to yourself.) “So, Democrat-class, shouldn’t we all have the right to vote?”

“NO!!!!”  they shout, “only elected Democrats are smart enough to figure things out! The people of Vancouver aren’t smart enough. They will never be given the right to vote!”

You shake your head and think about abolitionists and suffragettes and how you can rally enough Republicans to march on Washington’s Capitol and fight to have the right to vote.

 REALITYDonkeylogicaccording to the Dems: left is right and the public has none.


1.    Bridge designers search for function and beauty

Dramatic lighting would illuminate double V-style piers that support a new Interstate 5 bridge.Matching blue gateways on each side of the crossing would …

However, the inspiration for this store is April 7th’s Columbian article: Baird questions bridge financing plans…NOT found online! It was the front page story too! Hmmmm?


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A Spread of Myth and Blarney

 A Spread So Smooth and Tasty It Covered the World

Have you ever wanted a traditional Irish Sweater? Did you think it was expensive, but still wanted to own one because it was worn for generations by your ancestors?


Ah, the insidious myth! A fairy tale, a falsehood, Aran knitting is not old at all.  And the people of the Aran Islands neither made nor wore what we call “Aran sweaters” until the mid-20th century. Even the stitches are neither ancient nor symbolic. Bummed out, let us now sigh and accept authentic reality. It’s good to accept the truth.
So how did these myths become so commonly accepted as fact?
To my surprise, it all goes back to the sweet lies of one man, a German named Heinz Kiewe.
In the wartime 1930’s, a Dublin restaurant and craft shop owner named Murial Gahan visited the Aran Islands. She collected from there numerous knitting samples to sell at her store. These were just different forms of patterned knit, nothing inexplicable.


Heinz Kiewe was in Dublin, and visited her shop.  He “discovered” the samples of knit. And so began his fabrication!
Kiewe developed a theory (based on his own intuition) that the sweaters had been knit for generations on the islands, that the patterns were ancient Celtic designs. He further insisted that images of Aran clothing were in the Book of Kells.


They are not.
Although Kiewe never went to the Aran Islands, he established meanings to the different knit patterns based solely upon his own notions of the Aran lifestyle. All of it was from his imagination.

Then in 1967, he published a book, “The Sacred History of Knitting“, in which he stretched his fabrication about Irish knitting even further. He wrote all about the Aran Islands, which he had not even visited. This book added onto his ideas in great detail, evolving an elaborate history to the pieces of knitting, and told readers that it stretched back for many centuries. Kiewe identified ancient meanings in each pattern.  


The story he told was seemed credible to those who had never lived in the Aran Islands. The lies were convincing, persuasive, plausible, and attractive.
The problem is that not a word of it was based on fact, historical or otherwise.
That fuzzy detail didn’t stop other authors from accepting it as their truth, and spreading it as fact. Evidentially, not a one of them was concerned with testing the validity of the Kiewe theories. What profited a man who sold his book to fess up to bitter truth? And thus the book became widely used by people writing about Aran knitting as a trusted source.


A lie, a theory based on untruths, became a primary source of “facts” throughout the world.


If anybody in Ireland or on the Aran Islands ever tried to correct the inaccuracies is unknown. But if one man, woman, or child from a small village did try to tell the truth, would any “authority on the matter” even listen? Would they laugh at them, or brush the truth off as a hoax?


Reclaiming the Truth

It can be done.


There are two people most responsible for getting back to the truth.  Alice Starmore, a knitting writer herself, chose to seek the truth behind the widely-believed theory and unraveled it in “Aran Knitting.” In 1987, Richard Rutt also wrote a book telling the truth called “A History of Hand Knitting.


This is the true history.
Now residing in Dublin’s National Museum, the very first known patterned sweater from Aran was knitted around 1930. It doesn’t look like what we now call “Aran knitting,” but you can see its relationship. It really resembles more the ones made on the Scottish islands. Perhaps a Scot fisherman was there in the ‘30’s and the Aran Island women learned to knit those stitch patterns? Who knows?

A more distinctively Aran knit to sweaters began to appear around 1946, one of which is shown also in the National Museum. By this time, though only made on a very small scale, Aran-style knitting had become quite well known…because of the clip by the hand and mouth of fêted dramatist Heinz Kiewe.

In the 1950s, the isolated Aran Islanders were encouraged to do commercial hand knitting to bring back prosperity. Schools even started to teach knitting to children on the Island in order to continue the profit-making scheme. That “product” sold on the mainland quite quickly.

By the 1960s, Aran sweaters were the final evolution, with the distinct and recognizable forms known today.  They have been widely produced, and sold to believers, ever since.


What Can Man Learn?


The truth is out there, awaiting everyman. All it takes to find the truth is to seek it. It may indeed take a little elbow-grease, a bit of patience, and maybe a lot of humility. But the truth is fact, and a lie, no matter how fashionable, convincing, widely believed, or profit-making, cannot stand forever. Even decades later, centuries later, the truth fragments can be dug up and made public. It is better to sigh, and accept the truth than to fight it in vain.                                  


Profit will be lost, or consumed. What does it profit a man to gain, be it the Aran Islands or even the whole world, and yet lose his soul? If you can glean truth, go to it! If you know the truth, don’t fight it!


Alice and Richard were not ashamed of documenting truth, and exposing the lies. Be bold and stand up to the authorities who indoctrinate children and students with lies. Speak up and speak out now, or you also will be held accountable for not telling the truth.


When it is revealed, truth hurts some people a lot more than others. It often heals the aching hearts of those oppressed by the intimidating lies. But healing cannot start until there is hot water recognition. Never try to numb the resulting pain, but allow its veracity.


Until the admission of the lie of a theory, and its origin of species, the destruction will come. When finally resolved, the relief will make you wonder why you waited so long!


Deception breeds discord.

Honesty does a body good…like peace on earth, goodwill toward men.

Try truth, you’ll like it! 


 http://www.dochara.com/things-to-buy/aran-knitwear/ truth found here The large photo is of a well made knit Aran sweater.

http://www.clanarans.com/ca/catalog/clanaran_history_sweats.php   Check out the photgraphs below and click link or at left for selling you a lie.com! THERE ARE NO CLAN KNIT SWEATERS IN IRELAND! 

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Christmastime~ANYTIME~Retail-gift Tips



It’s size 2X, and she’s only a size 12 in juniors.

Their toaster died…all 3 siblings got them a new one…oops!

Just what he wanted! Except…one piece was missing, and 2 were broken. (Darn cheaply-made foreign stuff!)

So, sometimes gifts must be returned.

This is a frustrating process for the sorrow-filled gifted.

This article is solely to help you assure that your loved-ones have a less stressful December 26th! (And ain’t that the REAL gift?)

The #1 Commandment:

“Thou shalt not ever remove hang-tags!”

And the second like unto it:

“Thou shalt not ever remove barcodes!”


If you do remove the entire sticker or cut off the tags, or any important numbers, there may be no more like merchandise in stock after the holidays, and your receiver may wait in lines for hours only to be turned away.

If you buy gifts at anytime during the year, just ask…politely…for the store associate/clerk to blacken out the price(s) for you. They know what numbers need to remain readable…you don’t!

Also, almost every store has “gift-receipts” …even Wal-Mart…and without a receipt your gift may be worth very little. Usually they will get the lowest price of the season without any receipts, and after Christmas that means clearance prices. Even if you paid $40, they may get only $10…and an exchange only.

Though a gift-receipt helps tons…if you pay CASH, and want them to get cash back, give them your receipt. If you don’t, then they likely will get store credit for the total amount. Also, if you pay by credit card, they can only give you the credit back or put it onto a credit card of their own.

I have seen it all. And it is a real pain in the neck.M

Please do show your love to others during the holy season. Do give token gifts of affection to one another. But if you don’t give a gift that is easy to return, expect it to be re-gifted in 2009..

TMerry ChristmasV

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